Solar energy has been recognized as the next best alternative to generate energy and fulfill the energy requirements of the world. The best part of solar energy is that it almost comes for free and most of us get it in a good amount. Let us understand how to recognize the best residential solar panels:

Usage of Nano Technology: Nano technology is the branch of technology that deals with the dimensions of less than 100 nanometers to generate energy from atoms and molecules. It helps in making solar panels by contributing in the design of Photo Voltaic cells (PV cells). Its major contribution is in the direction of reducing costs.

Utilizing solar energy: Residential solar panels work with the solar energy received on the terrace or roof of a house. The solar energy which is a god gift to us can be the power generator with the help of solar panels. And it also ensures it is pollution and noise free.

Less Maintenance: We may first imagine that a power plant conventionally needs a lot of area, construction, heavy machinery and maintenance and therefore it may be not our cup of tea to get solar panels installed in the serene residential area. But the reality goes totally contradictory with our modern residential solar panels that require very less maintenance. However the cleanings are scheduled but mostly the panels have self-cleaning mechanism.

20-year warranty: The best thing about residential solar panels is as I told you that it has reduced overall costs since nano technology is used for them. The panels come with Solar life Solutions come with 20 long year warranty which makes it a reasonably one time investment for the household and also a gift to the coming generations if maintained well.

Improved output and Cost Savings: This solar array is going to make you relax as the electricity bills are going to shock you! Oops!! Surprise you!! As the solar panels do improve the output over 18% and we definitely disclose the reports in black and white. And the investment is absolutely one-time as after installation you just need to check the reduction of bills.

Healthy Life: The solar panels offered by us have a unique feature of self-cleaning. They are antistatic; means they keep the dust particles away and also decompose the hydrocarbons. So now do you not think that you may lead a healthy life as we do spend more than one-fourth life span at home!

Ensures cleanliness: The structure of the solar panels for residential use are rectangular in shape and are also constructed using photo catalyst and the metals that make the texture are capable of keeping themselves away from any and every kind of contaminant. So nobody needs to climb the roof and create a scene of cleaning the panela��s nut you only need to call the professionals for solar panels cleaning service which are pre-planned and properly scheduled.

Beautiful Look: The residential solar panels are dark blue colored, rectangular in shape with chequered designs on them placed little tilted and give a clear view of their beauty. As we have already discussed in the previous points they have the mechanism of self cleaning so needles to justify their irresistible look.

Better future: If we are going to live a healthier life because the solar panels that we have got installed are sufficient to keep the dust particles and the other pollutants away then we are sure of having a better future in terms of health. Secondly we will be able to save loads of money on electricity bills and thus we will enjoy a better status of living. The appearance of our residence because of the residential solar panels and a wonderful elf cleaning or maintenance can be considered a good third reason for better future.

Extended Life of Panels: The life of solar panels can be extended also if the scheduled cleaning takes place with the help of solar panel cleaning service offered by Solar Life Solutions. However, we make sure that the self-cleaning mechanism also works very well especially in the rainy season. Therefore when there are no seasonal limitations then it is advisable to take the service of the professionals and ensure solar absorption up to 6%. Otherwise as per industry reports lack of scheduled cleanings can cause solar panels to lose 15-25% of their efficiency.

It is also important to know that the other non-renewable sources of energy are not going to last very long and maybe their price can be increased in the coming years. Then the entire world will be dependent on the renewable sources of energy and therefore it is suggested that one should get the residential solar panels installed as soon as possible as after some time the price may fluctuate in either direction. In fact inflation is also going to take a rise as usual so is it not the right decision to make arrangements from now onwards.