We at Solar Life Solutions offer a wide array of LED Lighting solutions. The full form of LED is Light-Emitting Diode and is used for converting electricity into the light of one single color and they dona��t waste energy in the form of non-light producing heat which signifies it is quite good at saving electricity bills. We also supply LED Lighting Solutions and claim that our lighting saves up to 50-75% on electricity bills. This is just one reason to call Solar Life Solutions to be the perfect destination for LED lighting.

Coating of LED: The coating of LED lighting with a nano air-purifying application. This application eliminated bacteria, fouls smell or odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound). The benefits associated are understood. If there are no foul odor the air is going to be fresh and pure. Without bacteria inhalation, we will be able to live a healthy life.

Healthy Environment: Our LED lighting solutions also cover the 10ft radius of the home or office environment and provide a healthy environment for your family. It is said that health is wealth. A healthy atmosphere ensures a good mental health and helps us work better in our lives and grow more.

Material Covered and Warranty: The LED lighting solutions of ours are not only applicable to our LED options but also to your existing fixtures made up of glass or plastic. The products in this series come with a 10-year warranty and a decade can easily make a generation.

Durable: The life-span of the products is of 50,000 hours which is equal to around 2083 days which is equal to around 69 months which is equal to around 5.75 years. We hope you understand this period to be the life span when lit continuously. So, with an average break of 6-8 hours a day, it would last for around 10 years if maintained well. Besides it is fully dimmable also.

Modern and Elegant: The colors in which it comes is warm white, white or RGB colors. It has compact fixtures which does not allow it take a lot of space and it gives the lights a modern and elegant look.

LEDs vs CFLs: There are many advantages of LEDs over CFLs. The first one is that LEDs consume less energy than CFLs and the second one is LEDs save more on energy costs than CFLs. If we go further LEDs last longer than CFLs and have more light output and therefore LEDs are used in more applications.

Savings: LED lighting solutions offers savings on three very important things. One is waste, the other is energy and the third one is cost. As far as energy alone is concerned LED lighting uses less energy use, less energy costs and more energy rebates. Besides there are also savings in installation costs and there are less frequent replacements.

Types of LED Lighting Solutions:

LED Recessed Lights: There are 6 LED Recessed Lights for 7.5W and 11.5W. Out of them, 3 are dimmable warm and 3 are dimmable white at different prices convenient according to your need and budget.

LED Panel Lights: There are 7 LED Panel Lights for 40W and 45W. The different sizes are 1a��X4a��, 1a��X4a��, 2a��X2a�� and 2a��X2a��. They are also dimmable with AC and DC with 3 options of color temperature and whether you want nano air purifying application.

LED Cabinet and Strip Lights: LED cabinet and strip lights are very beautiful in appearance with white, cream, red, green and blue like vibrant colors. There are LED strip connectors also with us.

LED Surface Mount Lights: There are 2 options in LED surface mount lights. Both of them are dimmable warm. One is with 10W and the other is 12/24V. One is white LED flood lights and the other is white LED stair lights.

LED Power Supplies: There are 3 options in LED power supplies, out of which 2 are with 12V and the other is 24V. So as we can see the difference is of 12V the performance will also vary with similar difference.

LED Controls: There are 8 options for a very nominal price for the value that they provide. Their names are Rotary Dimmer, Decora Style Dimmer, Decora Style, Single and 3-waySwich in one, RGB Color IP Controller, Single Color IP Controller, Infra-red Controller for RGB Color Strip Lights, Photo Cell Til Dawn Lighting and Extender to Double Load Lights. These are for a variety of purposes.

LED Accessories: There are 9 products in this section of LED lighting solutions with different options and making the usage of the main products easier. We have panel accessories, power distribution module, cabinet bracket, stranded wire, recessed light color trim, etc.

So with our widest varieties, we hope you visit the website of Solar Life Solutions for more accurate details and offering of LED lighting solutions.