With one application of our Nanolife Solution your surfaces will remain clean for 10+ years.



Nano Protective Coating for Self-Cleaning Solar Panels & Other Exterior Applications

the only known coating technology to create a self-cleaning surface without any maintenance:
  • Antistic: Dust particles are no longer attracted to the surface.
  • Oxidation Strength: the strong oxidizing effect will decompose hydrocarbon and any organic growth.
  • Hydrophilic Surface: Any dust or contaminant can be easily washed of by rainfall.
  • Photocatalyst is the next generation of environmental purification technology
  • Nano Life's photocatalyst products are non-toxic and safe for the environment
  • Nano Life's photocatalyst treatments provide a clean and pure environment for you:
    1. Improve living quality
    2. Reduce overall maintenance cost
    3. Optimize life-cycle of material
    4. Protects overall value of your property
    5. Improve productivity and satisfaction


Green Chemistry

The next generation of technology to combat chemical pollutants.

Selective oxidation of organic compounds.

Photoxidation process can be conducted in both gas and liquid phase.
Uses sunlight and molecular oxygen for synthesis of chemical.

Self Cleaning, Anti-Soiling