Solar energy is of the techniques to generate energy or power. As we know Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and is available free of cost. Solar energy solutions are all the products, techniques, mechanisms and phenomena that utilize solar energy and make the best of it for power generation. Let us understand the sub-concepts that make solar energy solve our problems.

Harnessing light with solar panels: The products and equipment designed harness both natural and artificial sunlight. This is possible with the help of solar panels arranged in a grid. These solar panels are placed in the manner that they absorb most of the sunlight falling on them. They are rectangular in shape, dark blue in color. More is the number of solar panels more is the power generation.

A�Usage of photo catalyst: Catalyst can be defined as something that increases the rate of reaction. Photo catalyst is a product that makes a reaction with natural or artificial sunlight. As oxygen is already present in the atmosphere which is ignited by nano technology, all the participants get activated on a molecular level and our products start doing their work releasing immense amounts of energy.

A�Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable: The products designed for generating power with the help of solar energy solutions are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. So we as a union of mankind are truly on the right path of having a clean and green atmosphere as the products are going to be of use while we want them to and they are going to be degraded whenever we want them to and after that, they would not harm the atmosphere.

A�Know about Nano technology: Nano technology deals with the dimensions of less than 100 nanometers to generate power using atoms and molecules. Nano technology helps in making solar panels by contributing in the design of Photo Voltaic cells (PV cells). PV cells which directly convert light into electricity. Its major contribution is in the direction of reducing costs.

Saving Electricity Bills: Solar energy solutions generate a huge amount of power or electricity in a very low span of time as compared to electricity generated by conventional sources. We all know the burden of electricity bills on our pockets which fluctuate thoroughly with seasonal changes and our status of living adds additional units of power consumption to it.

A�The concept of PV System: Photo Voltaic system is based on the phenomenon of photovoltaics which means conversion of light into electricity. It uses a semiconductor for this purpose. It uses solar panels which have many solar cells. The photo voltaic installations may be ground mounted, rooftop mounted or wall mounted. There are also no greenhouse gas emissions also after installation.

A�Costs involved: The costs involved are the only one-time investment and you are requested to consider the solar energy solutions and the services of maintenance offered by Solar Life Solutions as we do ensure we provide the best quality products and service at the best price.

A�Survey and Installation: When you make up your mind to get solar panels installed at your residence a professional would come to make a survey and understand the capacity of the number of solar panels which can be installed at your place and then the installation takes place after letting you know all the step of installation.

A�Permits and Paperwork: The installation of solar panels using solar energy solutions requires the government permission and formalities. No need to worry, we at Solar Life Solutions will manage all the formalities of getting the permits and paperwork.

A�Inspection and Net Metering: Once the solar panels have been installed the responsibility of the service provider does not end here. It is necessary to inspect the performance of the panels and check if they are efficient the way they should be. Besides there is also net meter which is helpful in case excess power is generated. Net meter passes the extra power to the grid back.

A�Signing an agreement: There is an agreement which is signed for complete installation. After signing and getting it installed you will have 100% ownership of the electricity or power generated through both micro-fit program and net metering.

A�Impact on output: You will be amazed to know that the out is increased not by but over 18%. Now just imagine your yearly savings on electricity bills with an average of festivals if any, functions, parties, etc.

A�Residential as well as commercial: Solar energy solutions were started using with commercial applications first and then for residential purposes. These are of immense use with the greater use of appliances and gadgets in the present time in the scenario of residential usage of solar panels.

In a nutshell, solar energy solutions is a true way to have a good utility of renewable sources of energy and sunlight is the best alternative and it is our right and duty to select the best.