Solar panel cleaning is as we all know very important and we have to do it otherwise we have to bear costs later in future and the ultimate objective and unique selling point of solar panel system will be vanished. Now the point of discussion is of hiring professionals for Solar Panel Cleaning Service or doing it on your own.

Self cleaning: Self-cleaning is also a unique feature of the solar panels if you have taken the services of Solar Life Solutions. The working of photo voltaic cells is very simple as there is photo catalyst oil on the surface of the panels and the dust particles are attracted to it and the rain water is sufficient to take it away with the help of oxidation and breaking down the oil component. So this process seems fairly nice. The challenge arises when this is not possible to take place because of seasonal variations. In addition to it, there are not only the dust particles which are a cause of concern for solar panels. What we mean is that there are chemical pollutants, which cannot be removed only with the help of rain water and we need something extra that may be availed by solar panel cleaning service.

We hereby offer solar panel service and would love to voice its unique features to prove that we are the best and we are highly willing to convince you for it. Please check the feature of the solar panel cleaning service by Solar Life Solutions:

Features of our Solar Cleaning Service:A�

  1. Dust remains away: The dust particles remain away when the cleaning takes place with a pre-decided frequency and the release of energy remains constant and gets better with time. It is needless to say that the look of the solar panels is also well maintained. The dust particles are no longer attracted to the surface irrespective of the rains taking place or not.A�
  1. No organic growth: The process of oxidation is used in the cleaning process which uses oxygen based cleaners. However, Oxidation is responsible for the development of rust also and is equally destructive too but here in the case of photo voltaic cells, the oxidation effect will decompose hydrocarbons and any organic growth.A�
  1. Eliminated bacteria: When our solar panel cleaning service of employed the bacteria are reduced to even 99.9% off the surface. This gives such a cleaner and healthier atmosphere to all the family members and the people near the locality. Whatever data we are mentioning is also given on our website and we make sure we speak the truth.A�
  1. Eliminates pollutants and odors: There are many types of pollutants like mold, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, volatile organic compound (VOCs), nitrogen dioxide, etc. These pollutants are not to be taken so lightly. Carbon monoxide is the only gas which is responsible for killing people after an accident of fire. Other pollutants are responsible for many air-borne diseases. The solar panel cleaning service will eradicate the odor also and a natural fragrance is present.A�
  1. Protection of PV: Photo voltaic is the soul of the solar panels as it is only the component which is responsible for the conversion of sunlight or artificial light. It is only with the help of solar panel cleaning service the photo voltaic system can remain in good and fruit-giving conditions and the basic purpose of installing the solar panel is justified. Photo voltaic mainly contribute in releasing the chemical molecules with the help of photo catalyst through oxidation process while beating the bacteria and odors.A�
  1. Non-toxic and safe: The products offered by Solar Life Solutions are purely non-toxic and safe and when they are well maintained with our solar cleaning service. The absence of toxicA�keeps the environment safe and perfect. It improves the living quality since the health hazards are reduced.
  2. Reduction of Overall Cost: With the help of proper planned and scheduled solar panel cleaning service, the overall costs of maintenance are also reduced and the entire system performs better than the one which is not properly cleaned and therefore loses the efficiency and effectiveness.
  3. Value of Property: The maintenance of any place increases the value of it and the value of depreciation has a lesser impact on it. Solar panel system installation does involve a good cost and if maintained well it will be an asset to the owner of the house as its performance can be measured in terms of figures.

So, solar panel cleaning service can make you feel productivity and satisfaction which are the key features responsible for convincing someone to get the installation of solar panel system done. The productivity in terms of money savings and the generation of electricity and heat and satisfaction in terms of utilizing a renewable source of energy and not contaminating the natural resources of the earth.