Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness is an unbreakable part of a household and solar panels are a part of our home sweet home. So, solar panel cleaning does become our responsibility. Solar panels perform better if they are properly cleaned and help us achieve the objective for installation. To get convinced for it fully, let me throw light on the below-mentioned aspects:

Solar Panels: Solar panels are rectangular sheets which are used to absorb sunlight to convert it into electricity or heat and use the power for various purposes. Solar panels are placed little tilted and so they can absorb maximum amount of sunlight. These panels are highly successful in performing its operation that this technology is used worldwide.

Types of Solar Panels: Solar Panels are of two kinds. Grid tied systems and off grid systems. Grid type system is the most common type and it uses an electrical grid and has been named after that. The off-grid system does not have an electrical grid. It uses a battery or a generator. Off-grid system can be used for residential purposes also along with boats, remote agricultural pumps, traffic signals etc.

Solar Panel Cleaning: ItA�is possible by using many options for example, one may call the professionals to clean the solar panels, one may himself opt to clean the panels after at least calling the professionals a couple of times and learning from them by watching them, there is something called as nano cleaning product, a cleaning robot is also available in the market for cleaning, automated self-cleaning technology, etc. so there are a number of options available for solar panel cleaning.

An impact of solar panel cleaning on efficiency: The importance of solar panel cleaning is monetary. Solar panels clearly decrease the absorption of energy with the dust particles getting accumulated on them. It is very simple to understand that of something is coming in between two things it will play the role of an obstacle only. Therefore to remove the obstacle one has to clean it.

The extent of solar panel cleaning on efficiency: You would be amazed to know that the solar panels can lose 15-35% of efficiency and Photo voltaic cells would lose 10-35% of efficiency. This percentage of loss if calculated for 3-5 years may be equal or near to the savings that you have got successful in making throughout the same span of time.

The costs of solar panel cleaning: Everything has a cost depending upon the utility of the product or service. So there may be many options available in the market and it is advisable to choose the best price for quality service. Now there can be huge differences also in terms price but as we know that without checking the facts and understanding what all is offered at a particular price one should not decide.

Causes of dirt: It is not possible for any solar panel to perform and keep performing without getting cleaned for a long time. Especially with gases like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc and pollutants like pollens, lead, VOCs, etc and spotting, fogging and bird dropping like things also happening to them along with the previous factors. Bird dropping can alone reduce 20% of efficiency. It creates a need for cleaning.

Dependence on climate: Climatic conditions are beyond our control and we have to act accordingly to them. For example, if we talk about the rainy season the solar panel cleaning is definitely possible with the help of rain water. But do you think that one would be able to utilize the full amount of sunlight during the rainy season? So the point here I want to make is however rainA�helps but not always.

Efficiency and effectiveness: The efficiency and effectiveness of the solar panels are drastically affected because of the cleanliness of them. Simply put: more is the absorption of sunlight more is the production of heat and electricity. So, clearly, the solar panel cleaning is directly proportional to clarity or cleanliness of the surface of solar cells.

Performance: The basic objective of solar panels is to reduce the costs of electricity bills and save money with a considerable difference. But if the performance is going to be poor then it will be of no use as after some years the costs will be incurred in the maintenance of the solar panels in other directions like the replacement or repairing like activities.

So solar panel cleaning is to be thought of differently and it has to be rescheduled also with proper planning so that while monitoring is made the performance and output should come out to be improved and not the contrary.