Solar Panels

Increased efficiency by 10% to 35%

self-cleaning and no maintenance

20 year Warranty

NanoSC Offers: Significant cost savings, Maximum Solar Efficiency and Cleaner Air

Nano Self-Cleaning Panels Key Properties
  • Antistatic: Dust particles are no longer attracted to the surface.
  • Oxidation Strength: The strong oxidizing effect will decompose hydrocarbons and any organic growth.
  • Hydrophilic Surface: Any dust or contaminant can be easily washed off by rainfall or watering system.
NanoSC unique properties work together to:
  • Resists buildup and eliminate organic and inorganic airborne pollutants.
  • Helps clean: pollen tree sap, bug, moss or other pollutants that can reduce PV output.
  • Protects PV form spotting, streaking, and fogging.

Self-Cleans & Improves Solar Absorption by up to 6% and can extend life of PV Panels

...Solar Energy Solutions Protecting & Improving Your Investment

*Industry reports say the lack of scheduled cleanings can cause solar panels to lose 15 - 25% of their efficiency and increase a solar cells pay back time by 3 - 5 years.

Practical Affects on Efficiencies

Without on-going maintenance of the PV panels:
  • PV system will lose between 10%-35% efficiency
  • Decreasing profitability and increasing time to ROI by years

Key Causes in Loss of Efficiencies

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Particulate matter/Pollens
  • Lead
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • VOCs
  • Nitrogen oxides
Bird Droppings:
  • SEPA states that PV efficiency will decline up to 20% in areas where bird droppings are common.
Spotting and Fogging:
  • Further impairs performance

Green Chemistry

The next generation of technology to combat chemical pollutants.

Selective oxidation of organic compounds.

Photoxidation process can be conducted in both gas and liquid phase.
Uses sunlight and molecular oxygen for synthesis of chemical.

Self Cleaning, Anti-Soiling