What we do

Simply Put

Solar Life Solutions Harnesses natural light and artificial light as our primary target with our state of the art patented nano technology to provide a wide variety of benefits. Through our products and applications we not only save our customers money but in fact earn our customers money too.



A photocatlyst is a product that reacts to natural and artificial sunlight. Paired with oxygen the nano technology ignites and activates on a molecular level releasing the benefits of our applications. Our products come with a 10-20 year warranty and are LEED certified. We also proudly disclose that all our products are ECO-friendly and BIO-degradable. We provide MDS (Material Data Sheets) reports to all our customers upon request happily which prove we use only safe solutions in your homes and businesses.


Solar Solutions

We Provide installation and commission of your solar system as well as applying our nano technology before system set up or to existing panels out in the field. Our engineer reports are disclosed to all interested parties showing a improved output of over 18%. Variations on climate could boost even high efficiencies. Depending on how large the system you will save hundred(s). if not Thousand(s) on increased efficiency along with little to no maintenance cost to your solar array. This Product comes with a 20 year warranty.


LED Lighting Solutions

We carry a wide variety of lighting solutions. Our lighting will save your home or business between 50-75% on electricity bills. We also coat our LED lighting with a nano air-purifying application which eliminates bacteria, odor's and Voc's within a 10ft radius cleaning your home and business creating a healthy work environment and a healthy home for your family. This is not only applied to our LED options but to your existing fixtures awell glass or plastic. This product comes with a 10 year warranty.